Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Packed Painting for Travel

To ship and move the painting through doorways and into trucks for shipping, the canvas needed to be able to collapse. This required three folds with the environment kept above freezing. The acrylic polymer is very flexible when kept warm but if frozen can easily crack. I decided to send the painting up to Calgary in early September and placed in a warm storage room at the Livingston Place complex until I unfolded it in December. Here is painting is in my Vancouver studio ready to be wrapped in polyethylene.

The painting is now wrapped and strapped and ready to be shipped to Calgary.


Anonymous said...

That must have been some job packing and wrapping the painting. Were you able to do it by yourself? Are you happy with the painting where it hangs in Calgary? Great talking to you the other day.

D & V

Scott Plear said...

While it was at times awkward packing the painting, I practised on the smaller uber-modellos, (only 10' x 5') and was able to do it myself.

While I have only seen the photo of the work hanging in Calgary, it is as planned and I am ecstatic about the location.